Rewriting Your Internal Dialogue

Have you ever wanted to deny who you are? Have you taken the time to decide/discover/create who you are? You are the one you. You may have heard this before, but you are the one and only version of you that has ever existed and will have ever existed in the timeline of our existence. The snowflake/thumbprint/QR code that is you exists for only one reason: to exist. You simply get to enjoy (or suffer) through the very circumstances and choices that are unique to you. Those moments when you are by yourself watching the birds fly by/boats pass by/people walk by, are for you to soak in and enjoy. All the thoughts that race through your mind are for you to experience. No one else will have those moments, those exact flow of thoughts. You alone get to enjoy those.

Of course, you could choose to suffer through them. You can choose to view them in a negative connotation and add them to the other reasons to see life as suffering, a hardship, and a worthless story to endure, and that’s not a bad or a good thing. It just is. That may be the hardest thing to accept. The is of the is.

What is your story?

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