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"Brian Kukan is a true healer with a gift.  I have benefited from both his Reiki sessions as well as from self-hypnosis.  I have literally walked into a session in chronic pain, and walked out pain free.  You can feel the energy during a Reiki session.  Brian has led me into very insightful awareness during self-hypnosis, where I have gained valuable information with which to live my life.  I highly recommend this passionate and talented professional, who is also very warm, compassionate and skillful.  Go for it." - Cathy B.

"I recently took Brian's Level 1 Reiki, I can't describe how powerful this experience has been for me, Brian is super knowledgeable but more important very serious and enthusiastic about Reiki, he is also very nice guy and fun to learn from, I highly recommend Brian for learning Reiki or getting Reiki treatments." - David M.

"I highly recommend Brian for the Reiki classes and the Reiki sessions. I took Level 3 with him and I really enjoyed it. Brian's background in Math and Meditation techniques really appealed to me as I like to learn a subject from different perspectives. He is full of knowledge and wisdom and he shares it freely. I've been to several other classes and I did not find the authenticity that Brian provided in his course. I am looking forward to participate in his next Reiki circles and events. He is a gift to this world and I am very grateful for learning from him." - Gabriela P.

"Brian is a very compassionate, knowledgeable and grounded practitioner. He invites skepticism as an integral part of the experience. I went to Brian's Monday night introductory Reiki group share and I really appreciated his experiential approach to teaching. He gave a brief overview of what to expect and then we had a chance to try Reiki out for ourselves in a safe and comfortable setting. I attended a few more Reiki circles as well as a human's healing horses Reiki night. I then decided to pursue training as a Reiki I practitioner with Brian and had a wonderful experience and I can't waitt to continue learning. I have great respect for Brian as a teacher and practitioner of Reiki, and highly recommend his services to others!" - Rachel T.

"You are in good hands with Brian! He is warm, approachable and passionate about what he does. I manage patient support programs for a non-profit organization so before I would even consider hiring him I wanted to experience an individual session with him first hand. He was the perfect fit for someone like me who was initially a skeptic with a lot of questions. Whether you buy into the philosophy behind reiki/energy healing or not, it is an incredibly relaxing experience thanks to Brian!" - Nicole G.

"I enjoy and benefit from Brian's Reiki session's each time I have them.   I am able to share with him intimately before each session which usually turns into the focal point of each energy healing.  I always reach a deep state of relaxation and leave feeling renewed and at peace." - Alexander M.

"Brian Kukan is a very powerful healer in the area of Reiki.  I have personally experienced firsthand Brian's incredible gift with amazing results.  Furthermore, Brian is a tremendous leader (a consummate professional) in group work Reiki ranging from newly interested individuals to high level practitioners.  It is evident Brian comes from a teaching background by his excellent delivery of information, methodology, and guiding of a group in the practice.  I have gained great insight in the healing art of Reiki as Brian is easy to understand, approachable for questions, and conveys a genuine care and respect of this practice.  Brian Kukan is highly respected and as such a natural to recommend!" - Scott K.

"Brian is an inspiration to anyone who wants to deepen their spiritual path. He is a fabulous teacher that shares and listens from his heart. You will feel safe in his care and learn immensely from all his experiences. I continue to refer everyone to Brian because I have such trust in him as a man of integrity and love." - Marla Mervis-Hartmann

“I have had the great pleasure of attending Brian's reiki circle, first as a receiver of reiki, and then as a Living Light Reiki 1 practitioner, after taking Reiki 1 with Brian as my Reiki Master.  Brian is one of the kindest and most energetically powerful people I have been blessed to meet and work with on my Reiki journey and I feel so lucky to have the privilege to experience Reiki alongside him.  Since my journey began, I have had a profound, life altering shift in my energy and am so grateful to have him be a source of light during this time.  Thank you so much Brian!” - Kristin K.

“Brian is an amazing and naturally gifted healer and energy worker. I have seen first-hand the impact he has with his work. He can really tune into his clients, give insightful information and be a channel for healing. I highly recommend him for his multitude of talents and all the transformation he brings to our lives.” - Sashi P.

“I've been curious about the mysterious ancient teachings of Reiki for a few years, but never had a chance to go until about a little over a year ago. Thanks to Brian, I felt an instant connection with this particular healing of hands modality and it has transformed my life for the positive in more ways than I can even begin to describe. You don't have to be a believer, heck...come in with some skepticism...that's what I did. But when you finally allow the beautiful, universal life force energy to flow through, be prepared to be amazed. I am now a Living Light Reiki Level II Practitioner and I can't wait for Brian to attune me to the next Advanced level. Many thanks and extreme gratitude for all his facilitating, Brian is the real deal.” - Vy N.