How I came to understand "Healthy Mind = Healthy Body"

As I sat facing the doctor from the other side of his desk, I could feel my muscles beginning to tense up and my heart starting to race while he told me he was sending me to the emergency room for an immediate MRI because of the results of my blood work that was drawn just an hour prior to sitting in front of him. I had never had an MRI before and I was getting nervous because this was all happening so quickly. I had come to Urgent Care because of a mild stomach discomfort I would get after I eating, and after a couple weeks of hearing me comment about it my roommate urged me to get it checked out.

After the MRI, I went back to the doctor’s office to wait for the results. The waiting room is the worst place to be in times like these. This is when the mind likes to travel to those dark and scary places.

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