Your Truest Most Genuine Self

You can find inspiration in the most unsuspecting places. This month I transcribed for you a closing thought from a podcast host for a home improvement show. When I first heard this, it was exactly what I needed to hear to help get me back to a “beginner’s mind” approach to life. I’ve listened to it several times, and now that I typed it out, I can read through it anytime to get me back on track and out of any ruts I find myself in.

The following is from the July 7th episode of the “‘Home’ with Dean Sharp - the house whisperer” podcast. Enjoy!

“ Somebody asked me this week, “How is it that you are working so hard and yet having so much fun?” which is a great question. The secret is that I am a big kid and every day I spend absolutely as much time as possible utterly captivated by wonder and playing as hard as I can. And that may seem a little irresponsible, but…

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