Following the Red Blinking Lights

Marie jumped out of my hands staring me down with large questioning eyes and exclaimed, “HOW DID YOU KNOW???” I jumped back startled by her response to my question, and then she gave me the whole story. But before I fill you in on her story I need to tell you how we got to that point.

I was at the Saddle Ranch in Universal CityWalk to see some friends play in a band showcase when Marie showed up looking…

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Receiving My First Reiki Treatment

After sharing about my first reiki attunement last month, I thought I would continue the story and tell you about my first reiki treatment. I went about things a little backwards from a lot of reiki practitioners that I meet in that I first was attuned before I had ever experienced a reiki treatment. I was ready to go out and give reiki to everyone that was willing and interested, but I had no idea what they would be experiencing or even what they should expect to experience. All I could do was regurgitate what my first reiki teacher, Julie Raftery, told me in the class. After a couple short sessions I gave to friends I realized I need to experience a treatment for myself so that I could speak about reiki from a place of experience with those I would be giving reiki to, and learn from both mine and their experiences during the sessions.

I looked through my notes to find Julie's business card, mustered up the courage to call her, and dialed the number.

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