What's Your Word for 2019?

Let’s just start this off by saying that my word for 2019 is ROUTINE as in I need to get some routines in place so that I can achieve what I wish to achieve over the next 12 months. Also, it will help me get my newsletters and blogs done in time for my personal goal of sending them on the first of every month. I failed to reach that goal for the start of this year which makes it even more obvious to me that my word should be routine.

Picking a word for the year is a practice I’ve been using for at least 4-5 years. At the end/beginning of each year I reflect on what I was able to do and what I would like to do over the next year. After a good brainstorming session I step back and look at the list. I also pay attention to my personal Numerology and Astrology for the coming year, and I summarize it all in one word. I guess this is similar to what we do in the Reiki Circles at the end when we close out with one word to sum up what we are grateful for in that moment.

This helps me simplify the process of making New Year Resolutions and gives me one concept to focus on by choosing one word. If you make resolutions, take a look to see if there is a word that can summarize it for you. It’s easier to remember one word than a longer phrase or concept. Try it out.

Another thing is that today is a New Moon which is a good time to set intentions for the coming month. If you haven’t made a resolution for the year, today would be a good day to think about it and formulate one. Go that extra step and simplify it to one word.

Share your word in the comment section below. That way you can look back at the end of the year and see how you did in keeping up with that intention.

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Rolling into 2018 Late

For those of you that have been receiving my newsletters for awhile, you know that I’ve been consistently delivering them to your inbox on the first on the month for quite some time, however you’ll notice that this one is a day late. The funny thing for me is that although this wasn’t intentionally done, it reflects they way that I brought in the new year… a little late.

I missed the countdown to midnight and it wasn’t until 10 minutes past that my partner announced to the four of us at our NYE dinner, “It’s 2018. Happy New Year.”

This was the first time in a long time that I haven’t been aware of the strike of midnight on NYE and celebrated in this traditional way, and I could can easily label this tradition (in my mind) the “right” way to celebrate the new year. By doing so my shadow could then use this missed opportunity to celebrate at midnight as ammunition to make me upset about not doing it “right” and find a way to ruin the evening by sending my thoughts down a rabbit hole of negativity all because of one missed moment.

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