The Geometry of Belief: How using the phrase "You're Right" might change the world.

Let's start with you. You are the center of the universe so I think it's a good place to begin. Let's represent you with a point, Point Y as shown in Figure 1. Since a point is defined in Euclid's Elements (the book that contained the ancient geometric understandings of Greece) as "that which has no part", we can safely say that you are nothing. You have no dimension. That is until you start to think.

From there you start to have thoughts of things outside of yourself and create lines of thought, or rather, rays of thought. These rays begin to create single dimensions stemming out from you and reaching out in a specific direction or on a line of thought. See Figure 2. You can have many thoughts reaching out from you, and thoughts on different subjects go in different directions as represented in Figure 3.

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