Getting Good with God

I started house shopping in September 2010 when I realized I had enough money for a down payment and thought I better jump at the opportunity to purchase a house in Los Angeles before the market picked up again and the opportunity slipped through my hands. By March 2011 I had looked at dozens of houses, written several offers, and still had nothing to show for it. In the meantime I had taken three Reiki classes in less than four months time with my second Reiki Master, Marla Mervis, (Check her out She’s incredible!) and all the energy spun me into a deep depression.

I was easily irritated, unhappy at work, and felt like I was spread to thin with all the obligations and responsibilities I had.

Upon recognizing this, I pulled back from socializing with friends and knew that I had to analyze my situation and do some soul searching, and then a friend of mine invited me to attend a service at Agape International Spiritual Center.

I had never been to Agape and I was excited to go because I had heard so many great things from others about it.

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