The Words Flow into the Voyage of an Interview

Inspired by the artist that spoke last night
I'll attempt to write a rhyme that flows faster than light.
But there I go again,
Comparing myself to others
When all of my pain comes from focusing on these druthers.
I'll prevent myself from editing
As is so often the case in this place called my mind
Where you'll find that these thoughts are not even mine.
Yet they come from a place we might call the Divine
Even though I have no thought of what I will find.
When I look to the depth of the world of inside...
I see blank!
The thoughts of creation halt right in their tracks
As I search through the halls lined with walls that close in.
I turn left with the scheme when I thought I'd turn right
Leaving you and me both wondering "Whose thought was right?"
And that is the question that pops in my head
While I contemplate life before I am dead.
If you and I think yet we have different thoughts
What's the cost if we think wrong of the other one's thoughts?
Our happiness.

I'll let that sink in and now break from the rhyme
Because I don't want to look back at the words written in time.
Whether it's good or it's bad
It doesn't really matter
Because the me before I wrote this thinks the author's a Mad Hatter.

Instead of making meaning of all the words written in these lines
Check out this article from VogageLA magazine online.
I'm proud to share this interview with all of you today
And for all the love you give in your own individual way.

Have a lovely April and I'll see you hopefully soon!

VoyageLA Article Here

VoyageLA Interview Kukan Reiki Kai