Protecting Your Energy During the Season of Lights

Over the last couple of months I’ve noticed a lot of clients needing to do some energy cord cutting so I thought that I would share and explore this topic with you in hopes that you may benefit, especially heading into all the family and friends’ holiday events where you might walk away with a slew of cords attached to you leaving you completely drained. Before we get into the actual cord cutting exercise though, let’s first discuss the people that attach their cords to us, energy vampires.

Now I know that Halloween was over a month ago, but energy vampires are in season all year ‘round. If you’ve never heard of an energy vampire, it’s pretty much what it sounds like. It’s someone that feeds on other people’s emotional and psychological energy without explicit conscious permission.

An energy vampire could be that cousin of yours that is always controlling and criticizing you, that friend that always needs you to help her out because she’s always a victim of circumstance, or that coworker that talks so much you can’t ever get a word in edgewise and everything seems to be about him and his drama.

An energy vampire can take on many different forms and identities, and their M.O. is to emotionally and psychologically attach cords to your energy body and syphon your life force out to use for themselves. More than likely you’ve encountered at least one in your lifetime, and if you think about it, you can probably find of one right now. It’s the person that leaves you feeling drained and exhausted after every time you hang out with them. Got it? Take a second to think of one before reading on. If you need to read up on the different personality types of energy vampires you can search it up or check out this brief article on Psychology Today.

The energy vampire will attach a cord to you anywhere around your body, and most of the time we’re not paying enough attention to detect it. All you need is a couple minutes by yourself or with someone skilled in guiding you through the process of finding the cord, cutting it, and healing from it.

If you’re planning on going through the following exercise on your own, please be advised that you should give yourself enough time so that you are not rushed to finish it and that you give yourself permission to trust the process. Be willing to work with whatever images show up even though they may not make sense. Just use them and move forward. I’ve led many people through this exercise and I am always in awe of the creativity within the unconscious mind regarding the types of cords and tools used in the process.

Start off by getting into a meditative state. You can do this while sitting or laying down whichever you prefer. While turning your attention inward begin mentally scanning around your body searching for any cords that may be connected to you. As soon as an image of a cord comes to mind go with it. Look at it. Study it. (If more than one appear, work with only one at a time. Once you finish with one you can move on to the other(s).)

Does the cord look like a rope, a chain, a hose, etc.? What color is it? How big is it? What’s its shape? Where is it connected to your body?

You may search along the cord to see where it leads, but you don’t have to. You might see who is attached to the other side, but then again the cord may be so long that they are out of sight. As long as you see the cord and where it is attached to your body you are ready to proceed.

Now comes the time when you get to cut the cord, and you can choose any tool you wish that seems appropriate to use. If you wish you use scissors go for it. If a knife seems more apropos or perhaps a chainsaw, by all means use it. Like I said before, I’ve heard clients describe using a variety of tools. Have fun with it.

Once you cut the cord, watch the cord and whatever is attached to the other side begin floating away off into the distance and bring your attention to the piece of the cord still attached to your body. Imagine watching it heal in a similar fashion to the way the umbilical cord heals on a newborn, except this one works much faster. Watch the process progress and continue until you see it completely healed on the surface of your body with no sign of a scar.

After the wound is healed take a few moments to allow your energy to accumulate and stay within your field without looking out to someone or something else. You may notice internal shifts taking place, different emotions arising, or sensations moving through your body. Just be with it for a few minutes and let your energy field recalibrate to being filled again.

You may want to do this exercise several times in one sitting or spread out over a few days to cut the cords from all the energy vampires in your life. You might also want to periodically do this to check and see if anyone has reattached to you or if you reattached to them (you could be an energy feeder, someone that willingly feeds their life force to an energy vampire).

With the holiday season upon us, there are likely to be gatherings with friends and family which will include one or two energy vampires among the crowd. If you recognize someone mainlining your life force right in the middle of a party, be polite and excuse yourself to savor the rest of your energy before you’re completely drained, and find a quiet room (the bathroom is also an option) in which to perform the cord cutting exercise I just explained. Wrap yourself in a bubble of light and return to the party. People may wonder what is making you glow.

Just tell them it’s the eggnog. ;-) Unless of course they’re the kind of friends that like to mix some woo-woo in their peppermint swirls. Then watch how the conversation takes a delightful turn!

Happy Holidays!