10 Years Ago Reiki Showed Up (Not the Way You Would Think)

Coming up on the 10th anniversary of my first Reiki attunement I want to share with you the real story of what got me into Reiki. Last year I wrote the story of the first Reiki class I took (you can read that story here), but I didn’t go into detail of what my impetus was in studying Reiki in the first place. I’ll admit that I’m a little frightened of what you may think of me after hearing this story, but this is something I share with all of my Reiki students to help break the ice in the beginning of class. Plus, it’s my chance to shine light on my shadow side so that I can take its power away. I see the fear. I recognize the fear. I act anyway.

And here we go with the real story of what attracted me to Reiki.

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Reflections on 10 Days of Silence

This month's article is a long one, and I'm not really sure how many of you will want to endure it. It's a description of my experience during a 10-day Vipassana Course that I took in August 2014. For those of you that aren't familiar with it, it's a ten-day silent meditation course. It was an incredible experience and quite difficult for me to summarize it without going into the depths and importance of some of the insights that I had during those days.

For those that want the highlights, the themes of the days were as such:
Day 0 Carpool
Day 1 Frustration
Day 2 Anger
Day 3 Distractions
Day 4 Sacral Chakra: Creativity and Sexuality
Day 6 Energy of an 8 year old boy
Day 7 Death
Day 8 Re-birthing Ideas
Day 9 Visitation
Day 10 Scorpio

If you want to take a journey through my experience, I invite you to continue reading the detailed account below.

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Getting Good with God

I started house shopping in September 2010 when I realized I had enough money for a down payment and thought I better jump at the opportunity to purchase a house in Los Angeles before the market picked up again and the opportunity slipped through my hands. By March 2011 I had looked at dozens of houses, written several offers, and still had nothing to show for it. In the meantime I had taken three Reiki classes in less than four months time with my second Reiki Master, Marla Mervis, (Check her out www.marlamervisreiki.com. She’s incredible!) and all the energy spun me into a deep depression.

I was easily irritated, unhappy at work, and felt like I was spread to thin with all the obligations and responsibilities I had.

Upon recognizing this, I pulled back from socializing with friends and knew that I had to analyze my situation and do some soul searching, and then a friend of mine invited me to attend a service at Agape International Spiritual Center.

I had never been to Agape and I was excited to go because I had heard so many great things from others about it.

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How I came to understand "Healthy Mind = Healthy Body"

As I sat facing the doctor from the other side of his desk, I could feel my muscles beginning to tense up and my heart starting to race while he told me he was sending me to the emergency room for an immediate MRI because of the results of my blood work that was drawn just an hour prior to sitting in front of him. I had never had an MRI before and I was getting nervous because this was all happening so quickly. I had come to Urgent Care because of a mild stomach discomfort I would get after I eating, and after a couple weeks of hearing me comment about it my roommate urged me to get it checked out.

After the MRI, I went back to the doctor’s office to wait for the results. The waiting room is the worst place to be in times like these. This is when the mind likes to travel to those dark and scary places.

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21 Day Mindfulness Meditation Challenge

As difficult as it is to believe for me now, there was once a time before I was a meditator. Ten years have passed since I took my first meditation class, and I can honestly say that my life has drastically improved ever since. Through meditation I have learned so much about myself and have become a better person because of it. I have been able to notice tension in my body and consciously release it in order to be more relaxed, and I have been able to recognize when I'm paying attention to the task at hand or daydreaming and not present. I have learned to observe my thoughts as they are without judging myself harshly for the ones that I would rather not appear in my mind, and I have also learned to cultivate more positive thoughts and perceptions on life.

I'm not going to tell you that meditating is easy, and it definitely was no walk in the park for me in the beginning.

I was very frustrated at my inability to remain focused on my breath for more than two or three inhales at a time during those early meditation classes, however after taking a weekly class for several months I made a commitment to myself to meditate every morning as soon as I got out of bed. On some days it was easier for me to focus, and I could see progress being made. On other days my inability to focus seemed to stir up harsh self-criticism which I could have easily used to tell myself that meditation is not for me and that I should quit the practice.

But that's just it. Meditation is a practice. It's not a perfection. You see the results of meditating from doing it consistently.

There’s a quote from Zig Ziglar that I used to have posted in my classroom that said, “People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily.” I could say the same thing about the effects of meditation. They won’t last unless you do it every day.

Nutritionists will tell you that you can’t really determine the effects of a change in your diet for 2-3 weeks when you follow the plan daily so don’t go into meditating thinking you can get great results by sporadically meditating. Make a commitment to yourself to meditate daily for 21 days and then assess how you are doing.

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