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"Brian is an inspiration to anyone who wants to deepen their spiritual path. He is a fabulous teacher that shares and listens from his heart. You will feel safe in his care and learn immensely from all his experiences. I continue to refer everyone to Brian because I have such trust in him as a man of integrity and love." - Marla Mervis-Hartmann


“I have had the great pleasure of attending Brian's reiki circle, first as a receiver of reiki, and then as a Living Light Reiki 1 practitioner, after taking Reiki 1 with Brian as my Reiki Master.  Brian is one of the kindest and most energetically powerful people I have been blessed to meet and work with on my Reiki journey and I feel so lucky to have the privilege to experience Reiki alongside him.  Since my journey began, I have had a profound, life altering shift in my energy and am so grateful to have him be a source of light during this time.  Thank you so much Brian!” - Kristin K.


“Brian is an amazing and naturally gifted healer and energy worker. I have seen first-hand the impact he has with his work. He can really tune into his clients, give insightful information and be a channel for healing. I highly recommend him for his multitude of talents and all the transformation he brings to our lives.” - Sashi P.


“I've been curious about the mysterious ancient teachings of Reiki for a few years, but never had a chance to go until about a little over a year ago. Thanks to Brian, I felt an instant connection with this particular healing of hands modality and it has transformed my life for the positive in more ways than I can even begin to describe. You don't have to be a believer, heck...come in with some skepticism...that's what I did. But when you finally allow the beautiful, universal life force energy to flow through, be prepared to be amazed. I am now a Living Light Reiki Level II Practitioner and I can't wait for Brian to attune me to the next Advanced level. Many thanks and extreme gratitude for all his facilitating, Brian is the real deal.” - Vy Nguyen