What's Your Word for 2019?

Let’s just start this off by saying that my word for 2019 is ROUTINE as in I need to get some routines in place so that I can achieve what I wish to achieve over the next 12 months. Also, it will help me get my newsletters and blogs done in time for my personal goal of sending them on the first of every month. I failed to reach that goal for the start of this year which makes it even more obvious to me that my word should be routine.

Picking a word for the year is a practice I’ve been using for at least 4-5 years. At the end/beginning of each year I reflect on what I was able to do and what I would like to do over the next year. After a good brainstorming session I step back and look at the list. I also pay attention to my personal Numerology and Astrology for the coming year, and I summarize it all in one word. I guess this is similar to what we do in the Reiki Circles at the end when we close out with one word to sum up what we are grateful for in that moment.

This helps me simplify the process of making New Year Resolutions and gives me one concept to focus on by choosing one word. If you make resolutions, take a look to see if there is a word that can summarize it for you. It’s easier to remember one word than a longer phrase or concept. Try it out.

Another thing is that today is a New Moon which is a good time to set intentions for the coming month. If you haven’t made a resolution for the year, today would be a good day to think about it and formulate one. Go that extra step and simplify it to one word.

Share your word in the comment section below. That way you can look back at the end of the year and see how you did in keeping up with that intention.

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Protecting Your Energy During the Season of Lights

Over the last couple of months I’ve noticed a lot of clients needing to do some energy cord cutting so I thought that I would share and explore this topic with you in hopes that you may benefit, especially heading into all the family and friends’ holiday events where you might walk away with a slew of cords attached to you leaving you completely drained. Before we get into the actual cord cutting exercise though, let’s first discuss the people that attach their cords to us, energy vampires.

Now I know that Halloween was over a month ago, but energy vampires are in season all year ‘round. If you’ve never heard of an energy vampire, it’s pretty much what it sounds like. It’s someone that feeds on other people’s emotional and psychological energy without explicit conscious permission.

An energy vampire could be that cousin of yours that is always controlling and criticizing you, that friend that always needs you to help her out because she’s always a victim of circumstance, or that coworker that talks so much you can’t ever get a word in edgewise and everything seems to be about him and his drama.

An energy vampire can take on many different forms and identities…

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Thanksgiving is Once a Year But Gratitude Should Be a Daily Practice

“You should never go to bed at night without being thankful and celebrating at least one thing in your life.” - Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Ever since I heard those words in March 2011 I’ve had an alarm programmed in my phone that goes off at 10pm every night that reads “Be Thankful and Celebrate One Thing.” All of my friends know about my gratitude alarm, and I make sure that everyone around me at 10pm, no matter where I am, takes a moment to be grateful for something in their life.

The benefits of a gratitude practice come from the consistency of it (as with just about everything). From the moment I heard Rev. Michael say the quote above, I knew I wanted to incorporate that into my life, and I immediately grabbed my brain’s external hard drive, aka my phone, and programmed an alarm that would repeat daily. If I didn’t do that I knew I would forget about it in just a few minutes.

If you really want to feel the benefits of a gratitude practice…

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Takata's Cleansing Elixir

This month I filmed a video for you all describing four different things you can do first thing in the morning to help keep you hydrated and your gut healthy. I have used all of these and believe it has helped maintain my overall health and happiness. I was inspired to make this video after reading the article "Takata's Handouts" from the Reiki News Magazine posted where Hawayo Takata listed one of these practices as a way of "cleansing out the system."

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Seeing Jury Duty as a Divine Intervention

“God loves you!” exclaimed Dustin to the commuters in the Metro Red Line subway car while standing next to me with his hand just above mine on the rail, and I started to laugh a little inside for several reasons. For one, the fear of being pulled into his performance as an unwitting volunteer being in such close proximity when I was hoping to enjoy an uneventful ride home was challenging the stoic poker face I was desperately holding onto, but the main reason for my internal chuckles was that the message he shared was one that I had received directly though the events of the day and felt that truth deep into my core.

You see, that morning I was summoned downtown to the Stanley Mosk Courthouse to appear for jury duty which had thrown a big monkey wrench my work and family plans for the day, and I was stressing out about finding time to learn a few songs for gigs I had coming up over the next few days. Being called into jury duty did not fit well into my schedule, however it turned out to be the best thing that could have happened for me.

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